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Consorzio Promovetro Murano (www.promovetro.com) is a consortium for the promotion and protection of artistic Murano glass. It was founded in 1985 and it currently represents about 50 artisan and industrial companies on the island of Murano.

Promovetro manages and promotes on national and international level the trademark Vetro Artistico® Murano (www.muranoglass.com), the only legally recognized certification, established by the Veneto Region, which guarantees the origin of the products to the final consumer.

The use of the trademark follows a specific set of rules, as it can only be applied on the glass works produced in the island of Murano and realised with criteria that, although innovative and modern, respect the Murano tradition for glass composition and processing techniques.

Dowload our app to verify if your glass product is certified by the Vetro Artistico® Murano trademark.





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Consorzio Promovetro Murano

Calle Marco da Murano 4 • 30141 Murano – Venezia

tel. +39.041.5275074 – fax +39.041.5274351

E-Mail: [email protected]

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