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The news of the Carnival of Venice 2023

News: from today, fields, streets and squares are filled with fun and frolics thanks to widesprea...

Save the date: boats and oarsmen in procession on the Grand Canal on Sunday, February 5!

Wrapped in a dress studded with LED lights, the Mary of the Year 2022 Alice Bars will light up th...

The 2023 Venice Carnival has chosen its “12 Marie”

Starting 4 February, in Campo Santo Stefano and St. Mark’s Square returns the Commedia dell’Arte!

The itinerant shows of the “Venice Carnival Street Show” are about to begin!

“Original Dreamers”, the Opening Parade of the 2023 Venice Carnival, will kick off to...

I Carnevali della tradizione tornano in Piazza San Marco


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