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Game, Love & Folly

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Official Dinner&Ball 2020

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Mestre Carnival Street Show

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Venice Carnival 2020 Live streaming

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Let's trace back the history of masks production together with Sergio and Carlo!

Gerardo Balestrieri proposes a music show called Canzoni del Mare Salato. It's a music album about the sailor gentleman Corto Maltese, created by Hugo Pratt.

At the Archivio di Stato of Venice, it will be possible to see a selection of documents that reconstruct some ancient love stories.
There's time until February 25th to seize this amazing opportunity in one of the most mysterious and fascinating places in the city!

Do you remember the characters of the Disney cartoons? Do you remember how were they completely, absolutely, totally crazy? Find out here the 7 best, according to us!

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The 7 best TV series crazy characters

The 7 best Disney crazy character

Home Festival music for all tastes

Special trains scheduled for 2020 Venice Carnival

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