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Venice Carnival: entertainment in the city’s campi on Sunday, February 11th, during the Flight of the Eagle

The Flight of the Angel will take place on Sunday, February 11, at 11am instead of 12pm. The star of the day will be Renzo Rosso, CEO Diesel. For those who will not be able to be there, the Venice Carnival offers entertainment in some of the city’s campi. In particular, the entertainment will be “enhanced” in Campo San Polo, with some short performances on the ice-skating ring and in the surrounding stands. These entertainment opportunities for locals and tourists have been organised as a consequence of the access limits to St. Mark’s Square, which have been established for security reasons by the local government. Shows, entertainment and performances in the campi are organised as follows.

Campo Manin, from 10am to 1pm
Smisuciclette performance by Cremè Brulè

Campo Santo Stefano, from 10am to 13pm
The Pantakin will stage “Dalla maschera di cuoio al naso rosso (from the leather mask to the red nose)”. Thanks to the group, which has been working on keeping theatrical tradition alive for over twenty years, the popular commedia dell’arte and its masks will be revived. Then, the show “Il mestier comico” will explore vices and virtues of the stock characters. Finally, the show “Arriva il Conte Van Tok” with Dario Zisa will put on stage the smallest mask in the world: the clown’s red nose. This unique show is completely based on the audience’s contribution. It combines clownerie and pantomime in a hilarious and compelling way. The Conte will “speak silently” with the strange object inside his suitcase, trying to amaze its audience, but be aware: if you do not collaborate, the Conte might be offended.

Campo Santa Maria Formosa, from 10am to 13pm
Artists from the Little Caravan Circus in Saint Mark’s Square will move in Campo Santa Maria Formosa for a few hours, in order to give a taste of the Circus School which live up the wagons in the Square. The young Venetian Vanessa will perform with hula hoops, combining elegance and expertise in her swirling show. Then, the italo-brazilian jugglers “Taturana Circus!” will perform with their favourite tool: the clubs. For those who want to start from the basics, there will be also other objects to balance on their noses. Finally, Pascal Magique will amaze magic lovers by defying the laws of physics with his hoops!

Information on the Security of Events

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