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Venezia,{ today}, carnevale 2018 - Renzo Rosso aquila del carnevale 2018(c)Vision/Vela

Winds of peace in Venice today for the Flight of the Eagle performed by Renzo Rosso, owner of Diesel, who descended from the bell tower to St. Mark’s Square. The entrepreneur from Bassano del Grappa turned one of the highlights of the Carnival of Venice into an ode to peace.

His descent as the “host” to the music of Richard Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries was only the first part of Renzo Rossi’s show once he had landed on stage. In fact, instead of the Doge waiting for him on stage, today, there were two performers disguised as Donald Trump, President of the United States, and Kim Jong-un, President of North Korea. Once he touched ground, Renzo headed to the middle of the stage and pressed a huge red button, a symbol of love, a clear signal opposing the message: “I have a nuclear launch button on my desk” that the North Korean dictator launched at the end of the year.

Once the big “detonator” had been pressed, the famous track by the Beatles “All you need is love” came on and peace “broke out” between the two leaders with a big hug. Several other performers then joined the choreography that was studied and designed by Renzo Rosso himself, who has always accustomed the public to original and courageous messages, often on current topics, generating interest and debate. Like todays from the stage of St. Mark Square to relay a message of positivity encouraging everyone to choose love at all times as opposed to any kind of hatred. Renzo Rosso did it with the typical methods of the brand, making everyone think about “hot” topics in an ironic, irreverent and unpredictable way. After all, everyone takes things a little too seriously, while we at Diesel like to make fun of ourselves!

«It was awesome – were the first words expressed by Renzo – When you’re up there, it’s beautiful, extremely beautiful and exciting. Everything we do with our group we manage to convey it well. It’s a beautiful message, and then it’s Carnival, it’s a party, so let’s have fun; it’s already such a sad world. Celebrating certainly does no harm. We liked the idea of putting together these two opposing figures and we wanted to do it in a fun way ».
On stage with the owner of Diesel was Marco Maccapani, artistic director of Venice Carnival, Ermelinda Damiano, President of the city council, Michele Zuin, Council treasurer, Giovanni Giusto, Councillor delegated to preserve the City’s traditions and Piero Rosa Salva, sole director of Vela.
«Renzo Rosso was an exceptional Eagle. He interpreted his “flight” with enthusiasm conveying strong and wonderful emotions to the crowd» commented the sole director of Vela, Piero Rosa Salva.

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