Sat 27 Jan

Venice, a story of Masks

From 10:15 to 12:30
Location: Atelier Ca’ Macana
Address: Dorsoduro 3172 - Venezia, 30123 Italia (Directions)

An hour conference, available in Italian, English and French, following three themes:

1) History of the Bautta and Moretta.

These were the most important masks in Venice during the time of La Serenissima. By showing famous paintings and old prints, we will present how masks were used as part of Venetian life during the Republic. Participants will travel in time to find out about this unique Venetian lifestyle, when masks were used daily for more than 6 months per year.

We will also talk about the Plague Doctor, one of the most popular and world-renowned masks.

2) We will show how to make a traditional Venetian mask using the traditional technique.

In a plaster mould we make the first layer of the mask, using a type of paper called “cartalana”. This process is repeated numerous times to create a complete mask. From this demonstration, audience will understand the complete process of mask making.
Following this, the public will be presented with various techniques used to decorate masks. During this section, we will invite a member of the audience to do the finishing touches to the mask. In doing so, the public will feel involved in the process.

Throughout the presentation, a projection of the demonstration will be shown on a large screen. In this way, all members of the audience can see the intricate and skilled work needed to create a traditional Venetian Mask.

3) History of Venetian Carnival.

By showing historical images, we explain the meaning of Carnival, its social relevance and its political meaning. In order to do this, we will talk thoroughly about Giovedì Grasso (Fat Thursday). This being the day that truly captures the total essence of Carnival.


Sat 27/01 Time 10,15 FRENCH 11,15 ITALIAN
Sun 28/01 Time 17,00 ITALIAN 18,00 ENGLISH

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