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carri allegorici di Carnevale per le strade di Bojon

“Carnevale del Dolce” 41st edition

  • Carnival Parade through the streets of Bojon.
  • Campolongo Maggiore
  • Sunday March 5t 2017 at 2.30 pm

Carnival Parade through the streets of Bojon.

Carnevale Vizioso di Camponogara 2017

Carnival 2017

  • (Italiano) Carneval Vizioso 2017
  • Camponogara
  • From saturday february 18, 2017 at 10.00 pm to tuesday february 23 rd at 7.30 pm


Carnival in Caorle

  • (Italiano) Carnevale a Caorle
  • Caorle
  • From Thursday february 23rd 2017 at 8.30 pm to Sunday March 5th at 8.30 pm

Events and activities in the city  from Thursday February 23rd 2017 at 8.30 pm to Sunday March 5th at 8.30 pm

Carnevale a Cavallino Treporti

Carnival 2017 at Cavallino Treporti

  • Cavallino Treporti
  • saturday february 25, 26, 28

saturday february 25

Treporti at 2,30 pm carnival parade at via Treportina 

sunday february 26 

Ca’ Savio at 2,30...

Carnival in Ceggia

  • (Italiano) Carnevale a Ceggia 2017
  • Ceggia
  • from Saturday 11th to Tuesday 28th February

Carnival events and activities in Ceggia, from Saturday  11th February to Tuesday 28th February 2017.


Carnival in Chioggia

  • Chioggia
  • february 17-28

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.

Carnival show in Gruaro

  • Gruaro
  • Saturday, February 25 at 5.00 pm

Saturday, February 25 at 5.00 pm by the Main Church

Carnival show and parade


Carnevale jesolano 2017

Carnival in Jesolo

  • Jesolo
  • Sunday February 26 2017 and Sunday March 5

Sunday february 26 2017 

Carnival at the main square

Sunday March 5

Carnival parade along Via Bafile

Carnival in Marcon-second edition

  • Marcon
  • Sunday, March 12 2017

On Sunday March 12, second edition of the Carnival in Marcon.

At Piazza Mercato Carnival local market, kids entertainement and Carnival floats

Carnevale Metropolitano Venezia. Comune di Martellago

Carnival of kids, 34th edition

  • Martellago
  • Sunday february 19, 2017 at 2.00 pm

 At 2.00 pm  by Scuola dell’Infanzia e Nido Integrato “Vitus et Labor”

Carnival in Meolo

  • Meolo
  • Tuesday February 28 at 3.00 pm

Tuesday February 28 at 3.00 pm "Portici mascherati", organized by the association "Arte e lavoro"

Sunday, March 12 2017 from 2.00 pm

Carnival parade



Carnevale Pulcinella Mirano Venezia 2017

Pulcinella’s Carnival in Mirano

  • Mirano
  • February 27th 2017

“La Bautta”- the mask which most stood out – actually permitted eating with the mask on. (Gaetano Gherardo Zompini, 1700-1768)
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